2024 China-Africa Internet Development and Cooperation Forum was held in Xiamen, China on April 2-3, 2024, and the parties had in-depth exchanges on China-Africa cooperation on artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is a new area of human development. The fast development of AI around the globe has exerted a profound impact on socioeconomic development and the progress of human civilization, and brought huge opportunities to the world. In 2023, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the launch of the China-proposed Global AI Governance Initiative, which is a concrete measure taken by China to implement the concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind and to realize the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative and the Global Civilization Initiative. Africa is an important participant in scientific and technological progress, and the development and application of AI is of great significance to developing countries, including China and African countries. We fully recognize the need to strengthen China-Africa cooperation on AI, and are willing to uphold the original aspiration of treating each other as equals, promoting win-win progress and common development and enhancing sincere friendship and cooperation, adhere to a people-centered approach and the principles of AI for good, equity and openness, deepen China-Africa friendly cooperation on AI, and further promote the high-level development of China-Africa comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership.

To this end, we call on:

- Strengthen policy dialogue and communication. Promote the establishment of a China-Africa AI policy dialogue and cooperation mechanism, and make full use of international cooperation platforms, such as China-Africa Internet Development and Cooperation Forum, to conduct exchanges and dialogues on AI policy, technology, industry, application and governance, and share best practices. China and Africa should strengthen coordination and cooperation within multilateral frameworks such as the United Nations, enhance the representation and voice of developing countries in the global development and governance of AI, and support the United Nations in playing a central role in establishing an international AI governing institution.

- Promote technology research, development and application. Encourage Chinese and African enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions to carry out R&D cooperation on AI technology, especially in the areas of big data analytics, machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision. Strengthen cooperation on AI technology transfer, encourage the joint development of industry standards and norms, and promote lawful and compliant transfer and use of technology.

- Promote industrial cooperation and development. Promote the widespread application of AI technology in agriculture, healthcare, education, urban management and other fields in Africa. Support the development of digital infrastructure needed for the development of AI such as computing power and network, and promote the development of AI industry in Africa and the establishment of AI industrial chains.

- Conduct talent exchanges and capacity building. Advocate strengthening the AI talent exchange and cooperation through joint research and visiting scholars. Encourage China-Africa cooperation in enhancing AI capacity building, conduct online courses and professional training, and help countries improve AI technology and governance capabilities.

- Build strong safeguards for cyber and data security. Support the Global Data Security Initiative, deepen China-Africa cooperation in the field of cyber and data security, jointly promote the research, development and application of cybersecurity technologies and products, and create auditable, monitorable, traceable and trustworthy AI technologies. Work together to prevent the abuse of AI technology and cyber-attacks, and protect personal privacy and data security in the research, development and application of AI.

China is willing to work together with all countries and all sides in Africa to seize opportunities, meet challenges, and strengthen cooperation in the field of AI, so as to jointly build a closer China-Africa community with a shared future in cyberspace, and pursue common development and shared prosperity of China and Africa.